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Many devices today are bonded together with an array of different adhesives. Common adhesives in cellphone builds are OCA, LOCA, HOT MELT, MELTED PLASTIC, TAPES, DOUBLE SIDED, and much more as technology advances. A highly skilled repair technician will always perform device repairs with proper tools and materials. When engineers design a phone, they use very critical measurements, and if a repair technician resorts to another form of adhesive non OEM, it can greatly change the look, feel, or functionality of the device. For instance, using super glue to repair a device pretty much stops it from successful further repairs, and is highly frowned upon in the field. Using the proper adhesives for each application will allow you to provide high quality repairs that will not come back for warranty and cause financial loss or worse bad public feedback. If you want to be successful in the repair field long term you must use the best resources available for your clients repairs.